Haruyasu YANAGI

The artist

who expresses the brilliance of the essence of life.


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Painting For A Diplomatic Anniversary Wine Between Austria And Japan

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new!  Solo Exhibition by invitation only at athalie in Aoyama,Tokyo, July 12th. - 17th., 2018

Exhibition by invitation only at America-Bashi Gallery, Ebisu,Tokyo, Dec. 21st.-26th., 2016

Exhibition of the Busan Sculptors Association at Busan Cultural Center, Busan, Korea, June 24th.- July 2nd., 2016


Exhibition by invitation only at KOMAGOME 1-14 cas, Komagome,Tokyo, April 15th.- 24th., 2016, DETAILS

Solo Exhibition by invitation only at KOMAGOME 1-14 cas, Komagome,Tokyo, August 8th.- 23rd., 2015, DETAILS

Solo Exhibition by invitation only at T.Y.HARBOR in Tennozu, Shinagawa,Tokyo, April 27th.- June 14th., 2015

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The 6th【Creating Artwork with Children】at America-Yama Garden Academy in Yokohama, Japan, March 23rd, 2014


A MESSAGE   by the artist

 I am one to follow my intuition and experiences. 

The beauty of colors and composition also play an important role especially in my art work.

Because of my unique approach, my life and work continue to bring me exquisite determination.

Life is simple when you are listening to your heart and going with the flow carefully and adventurously with the fullest of joy.

I am happy to share my ideas and philosophy with you, through my work. 

Let's enjoy our lives. 

My expressions of art work


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#3(Description of art series - celestial line, seed,reflection, AQUA -, August,2015)

Haruyasu YANAGI

Once you start telling a dream,

light comes to the world.

The light becomes a seed of the dream.


the seed begins to sprout into the world.

Lyric by Haruyasu YANAGI


Artist Haruyasu Yanagi achieves a controlled yet spontaneous vibrant emotion through his paintings. This is achieved through a bold use of color and shapes that captivate your imagination. Even while he works within a clearly defined shape and size, the surface doesn't feel restrained. The work is carefully layered, often incorporating silver or gold leaf that pushes the visual movement beyond the edge of the canvas.

Yanagi explores harmony with discord, strength with weakness, geometric with organic, mixing many influences that undoubtedly come from his diverse surroundings. Each piece is well-balanced and easily brings the viewer deep into his work. His ability to communicate is an exceptional skill that excites the soul. With his continued maturity as a Japanese fine artist, we can earnestly look forward to future creations.

Elizabeth Ann Ishiyama, Art Consultant

He is a very talented artist with flexible and diverse ideas with actual leverage into his work. For example, he held an installation in a gallery showing letters from New Yorkers for victims of the huge earthquake in March, 2011.

The painting "reflection - angel - New York 2011" is composed of multitude of colors yet shows exquisite harmony. This bright piece is excellent in giving the audiences an opportunity to become peaceful and calm.

Art Collectors , Japan

International Acclaim for the artist

“ celestial line “ 2015